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I think it’s very interesting to examine just how much of an impact a simple hairstyle can have on a nation.  From Veronica Lake’s “hair over the eye” technique in the 1940’s, to what was so creatively dubbed “The Rachel” (Jennifer Ansiton’s do on the hit 1990’s sitcom “Friends); these stars have influenced women across the country to tear out their photos from a magazine (or now a days, print it off the internet), rush to their favorite salon, and say “give me this look!”

Here is a list of some other Hollywood starlets who have also made their mark:

~”1931 Jean Harlow starred in the movie “Platinum Blonde.” This hair color then swept the nation.”

~ “In the 1940’s, Rita Hayworth began the hairstyle trend of side-parted finger waves the sexiest style of that time. Veronica Lake and her cascading blonde hair defined glamour.”

~”The 1950’s brought a trend of highlighting and Lucille Ball’s flaming red hair. Also Doris Day had a helmet like hairstyle that inspired her fans and Audrey Hepburn started the pixie cut.”

~ “During the 1960’s people were letting their hair down after the very conservative times of the 1950s and the rock group The Beatles, wore their hair long.”

~”The 1970’s the musical “Hair” came out during a time of a sexual revolution. Angela Davis’s afro became a symbol for black pride. One of the most copied famous hairstyles of the 1970’s was the Farrah Fawcett feathered back hairdo.”

~”The 1980’s were a time of economic plenty, and so the hairstyles began to show that “bigness” as well. Poodle perms and mall bangs were all the rage.”

~”The 1990’s brought about Jennifer Aniston hairstyles. Jennifer Aniston’s character on the popular TV show “Friends,” had women everywhere heading to the hair salon to make the famous “Rachel Cut” their own. Her hair at the time was an angled, layered, shag haircut. And the millennium brought Sarah Jessica Parker’s flowing curly hairstyle back into style.”

Internet Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Famous-People-and-Hairstyles-through-the-Years&id=334965

June 28th, 2007 at 6:33 am