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Melodrama, Pornography, and Horror. When we first began examining these three genres as a group I thought it a bit strange. What do these three types of films really have in common anyway?? I can’t really speak for the latter two, but as far as melodrama goes, I suppose you could call me an expert. Any film that evokes gut wrenching tears is probably in my film library at home. From “Brian’s Song,” to “Love Story;” “Terms of Endearment,” to “Life is Beautiful;” I’ve got them all. What does this say about me?? Maybe I need therapy…after all people shouldn’t seek out things that make them sad…should they? Stephanie D.C. Carmichael from Youngpeoplespress.net says that one reason we cry in film is because “All women want to be the Scarlet O’Hara to their Rhett Butler, and until this dream is realized, movies are our salvation.” I think that she is right in a way. Most women, subconsciously, or not want to be swept off their feet, and in truth, that doesn’t often happen in real life. I think that’s why many relationships end up failing; because women watch these romantic films such as “Gone with the Wind,” or “Jerry McGuire,” and we want that beautiful, passionate (yet unrealistic) happy ending!!! We want to have those “moments” like in “Love Story” when Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw’s character get into a fight, and then after a day of him frantically searching for her, he finds her half frozen locked out of their house crying…and he looks at her with pain in his eyes, and says “I’m sorry.” She responds, her lips quivering, “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Just thinking about that moment gives me goose bumps! So once again, why do we cry? Is it because we, as women long for this kind of romance in our lives, and deep down we know it’s never going to happen? 🙁 I’m not sure…but I am certain that I’ll be first in line at theater for the next sappy, melodrama; tissues in hand.

Internet Source: http://www.ypp.net/fullarticle.asp?ID=43

July 11th, 2007 at 9:17 am