Value P

(Pre.Script. I never explain to you what Value P is,
 get curious and do some exploring once in awhile why don’t you) 
Walker Percy’s short essay entitled ‘The Loss Of The Creature’ was a remarkable yet difficult text for me to get through.  While I was enthralled by the points I was able to understand, I was at the same time baffled by things he talked about which didn’t register with me.
What was most intriguing to me was Percy’s notion of how a person’s individual perception about something buried or even lost due to the expectation and organization of preexisting methods of though.  Percy talks about an individual viewing a place for the first time with fresh eyes and dubbing it to be beautiful.  Perhaps the person then goes home and tells everyone how beautiful the place is, or takes photos of it to showcase it’s beauty.  Soon, many people are traveling […]

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