The end is now…

The end is now? What?! We just started!  That’s the thing with summer courses… you start and it seems like the very next day you’re done.  I suppose it is time to reflect…
I enjoyed The Glass Key, although I probably wouldn’t have ever watched it if it was up to me to do it on my own… now that I’ve watched it, I thought it was pretty entertaining.
Yojimbo wasn’t too terrible, although the fact that it was a Japanese movie trying to be a western irritated me ever so slightly.
I like the Little Women movies just fine, though my favorite is the 1994 version.  I can’t help it, I love Winona Ryder as Jo.
Out of Erroll Morris’ documentaries my favorite was “The Thin Blue Line,” I found it actually quite entertaining to watch… I’ve never been big on documentaries, but I felt like this one was a good one!
I’m still […]

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