Tom and Leo

Film directing over the decades has been a very involved art. When one looks back at the progression from the earlier soviet-style films…
Haha. Just kidding. Please don’t shoot yourself.
This post is actually about Miller’s Crossing. Specifically how, in my view at least, it did by far the best job of bringing out Ned and Madvig’s relationship to one another. Granted, this isn’t a particularly bold assertion to make given that the only other film in the unit that really attempted this was Heisler’s The Glass Key, and that film was working under the restraint of the Hayes Code. So really the focus here is going to be more on what I feel the Coen Brother’s did right as opposed to how I think Heisler dropped the ball.
Perhaps my biggest gripe character-wise about the film The Glass Key was the way in which it portrayed Ned and Madvig. […]

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