ritual – Monster describes the act of stripping inmates together in herds of 40 in order to search them for any contraband is nothing but a mind game that delineates the structure of subjugation the prisoners will endure while incarcerated.   This seems ritualized process of humbling a criminal is used throughout the texts we have read.  The procession to the scaffold and the drama that unfolds  as well as the escape all become elements of criminal ritual.

gangs – The criminal element of the gang mentality serves as a backbone modern crime and its early traces can be seen in narratives such as mountain and mount.  The structure of the gang is such that every member is supposed to look out for the best interest of the gang while openly warring with those of other factions.  The gang is the formation of an organized structure of crime in which people unite their common illegal goals and use one another’s resources for a common good of the group.  It defines who you are and how others percieve and interact with you.

pig – My personal favorite term of endearment for an officer of the law is prevalent within the modern criminal culture and exemplifies the disdain that the criminal generally harbors towards the authority figures who job it is to arrest them.  It draws a comparison between a person who has for the good of the whole community decided upon seeking to curb chaos to an animal that rolls around in a pit of mud and feces; quite possibly the filthiest animal there is.  This is interesting because it speaks volumes about the degree to which criminals place themselves in opposition to the powers that be.  Criminals do not seem to admit that stopping crime is justifiable instead they condemn the executor of the public’s general welfare by positing that they are the truly savage and beastly creations.

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