Unrepentant- Frost seems to have no regrets about killing his father. He speaks of him with disgust and casually says that he beat his brains out. He is almost nonchalant about the fact that he wasn’t sentenced after the murder. When he kills his master by beating him in the head with a hoe, he is completely unfeeling. Allen asks Frost to stop, but he doesn’t until he “made a large hole in the ground, and his brains came out.” He speaks very nonchalantly of his decision to murder Allen: “When I returned with the hoe, I found him stooping to fix the plant- I then thought it would be a good time to put my design into execution and accordingly went up to him and gave him a blow with the hoe on his head, and repeated it.” He has no mercy. In the account of him, it says “he would talk with the same calmness and composure of the murders he committed,as though the persons who fell sacrifice to his fury, had been of brutal creation.” It also says “he shewed no signs of contrition, especially for the unnatural murder of his father.

Affection- It is strange when Frost talks about his affection for his mother and his hatred of his father for his lack of affection for and misuse of his mother. His father, as far as we know, does nothing else to bother him, so he probably wishes to protect his mother. It does not seem like somebody that can kill as ruthlessly as Frost could have genuine affection for anyone.

Reality-  Frost seems to have a very unique view of reality.  He is fiercely loyal to his mother, but sees nothing wrong with killing people who he thinks deserve it.  He shows no remorse for the murders, but beats his head against the wall of his cell to feel their pain.  It seems to be more out of curiousity than remorse.  He hates lying and considers it worse than his killings.  He is very easily offended but insensitive to the suffering of others.  He may or may not be possessed.  He pictures devils as wearing black wigs, which is really more interesting than horns.  He subscribes to his own view of reality and doesn’t try to mesh it with other people’s reality.

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