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ritual – Monster describes the act of stripping inmates together in herds of 40 in order to search them for any contraband is nothing but a mind game that delineates the structure of subjugation the prisoners will endure while incarcerated.   … Continue reading

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vagabond – Mount like many of the criminals we have encountered during this class is a man that is constantly on the run. He never seems to stay in the same place, being tired of situations easily or needing to … Continue reading

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Notorious– “Notorious” seems to be thrown in the title of Frasier’s narrative to attract readers. The seeds of the sensationalism of later works seem to be in place here. Although he seems to be a prolific thief, there is little … Continue reading

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Sin- Powers’ narrative is extremely concerned with sin. He explains that a woman when he is young teaches him “that awful sin” (343). The rest of his narrative is largely concerned with sexual crimes, and we see how he blames … Continue reading

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elizabeth wilson

Elizabeth Wilson Innocence- Like Rachel Wall, Elizabeth Wilson is concerned with the idea of her own innocence. She also has a modern conception of guilt an innocence, an idea of not guilty by reason of insanity: “or was an insensible, … Continue reading

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american bloody register

Money- Richard Barrick is a highway robber, purely out for money. He knocks on people’s door, demanding their money, and forces his way in to take whatever he can if they won’t comply. He is driven purely by a desire … Continue reading

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covetous – Frasier compulsion to steal as he admitted was due to a burning desire within to become rich. HInstead of attempting to do so by legitimate means the “easy” money of thievery seemed much more appropriate for his condition … Continue reading

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foucault ch. 2

(this is an older post, but i had combined it with the pillars of salt post and went back to separat the two into two individual posts.) 1. pain– suffering and distress in varying degrees of severity takes on a … Continue reading

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patience boston

warning – In this narrative like many of the others we have read the criminal admits to following a life of sin in which they were made aware of their wickedness. Boston claims to have had “seasonable Warnings against sinful … Continue reading

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isaac frasier

Nature- Frasier is always referring to his true nature as one of wickedness: he seems to see himself as a naturally evil person, held back from time to time from committing evil deeds. First his mother instills in him a … Continue reading

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