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Escape- Almost more than a thief, Mount seems to be a skilled escape artist. Somehow, he manages to escape from several jails. Instead of lying and pretending to repent and welcome punishment, Mount says “when i see that every attempt … Continue reading

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escape – “…but as Providence had ordered it, she did not go home that night, and so escaped the  snare I had laid for her.”  This quote is explaining a night in whichPowers had plotted to hide in the bushes, … Continue reading

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Sin- Powers’ narrative is extremely concerned with sin. He explains that a woman when he is young teaches him “that awful sin” (343). The rest of his narrative is largely concerned with sexual crimes, and we see how he blames … Continue reading

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bloody register

friend – This term is used in the beginning of this serialized narrative to describe God.  This is included in a letter that was written to John Sullivan which urged to him to begin to build a relationship with the … Continue reading

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covetous – Frasier compulsion to steal as he admitted was due to a burning desire within to become rich. HInstead of attempting to do so by legitimate means the “easy” money of thievery seemed much more appropriate for his condition … Continue reading

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