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Bloody Register

Implication of the master- In class, we have discussed at length the importance of the hierarchy in early American society. Rebelling against a master is a small treason. Barrick has an irreverent attitude, however, and does not pander to that … Continue reading

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Levi Ames

Recompense– Ames repays people he steals from with other stolen goods.  He does not elaborate on why he chooses to recompense certain people for their losses.  Maybe he only repays people who know he stole from him so they won’t … Continue reading

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bloody register

conscience – the awareness of your actions and the consequences that should morally follow; Williams chose to suffer the punishment due to his crime even though the evidence was not strong enough to convict. list – throughout the entire register … Continue reading

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conscience – Ames seems to have a fairly distorted view of his own deeds at the outset of the narrative because he credits himself with having a conscience that keeps him from thieving during certain stages of his life. He … Continue reading

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levi ames

Forgiveness-  Levi Ames expresses two forms of forgiveness at the end of his life: one he has given and one he has received.  He asks “May God forgive me of my dreadful wickedness committed both against his and many worthy … Continue reading

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buchanan ross brooks

Money- Mr. Spooner is apparently murdered for money, hired by Mrs. Spooner, and paid with cash kept in a box which is split up among the murderers, a few hundred dollars for each. They also split up some his belongings, … Continue reading

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isaac frasier

1. conscience– this is the first text in wich this inner sense of right and wrong is the main focus. Frasier’s conscience was a key component in his crimes. it is also a word that helps us to under- stand … Continue reading

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isaac frasier

Nature- Frasier is always referring to his true nature as one of wickedness: he seems to see himself as a naturally evil person, held back from time to time from committing evil deeds. First his mother instills in him a … Continue reading

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