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Love of Money- Rosencrantz has everything, unlike many of the criminals in these narratives. He stops being content when he loses money, however. He is willing to risk losing his family, which he says gives him an “unspeakable joy” in … Continue reading

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Unrepentant- Frost seems to have no regrets about killing his father. He speaks of him with disgust and casually says that he beat his brains out. He is almost nonchalant about the fact that he wasn’t sentenced after the murder. … Continue reading

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Escape- Almost more than a thief, Mount seems to be a skilled escape artist. Somehow, he manages to escape from several jails. Instead of lying and pretending to repent and welcome punishment, Mount says “when i see that every attempt … Continue reading

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Childlike- Usually childlike is used in a positive way, but Powers is childlike in the sense that he lacks foresight, perspective, and a grip on reality. He thinks only of the present. In jail, he forgets that he is about … Continue reading

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Robbery- Wall is unique because she is the only woman whose narrative involves highway robbery (or stealing of any kind.) Most of the women’s narratives have to do with affairs and killing their children to avoid shame. It seems odd … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Wilson

Alibi- Elizabeth Wilson is the only person in one of these narratives to proclaim her innocence and have a plausible alibi. When accused of murdering her twins, Wilson “persisted in denying the fact; her behavior was such, in general, as … Continue reading

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Buchanan, Ross, Brooks

  Seducer of Souls– Buchanan says “Accordingly we stayed, and were never in better quarters, little thinking of the bait the seducer of souls was laying for us.”  It is not entirely clear whether he is speaking of Satan, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Bloody Register

Implication of the master- In class, we have discussed at length the importance of the hierarchy in early American society. Rebelling against a master is a small treason. Barrick has an irreverent attitude, however, and does not pander to that … Continue reading

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Touched- Mountain uses touched for robbed throughout the narrative.  It seems strange, but it sort of fits in with the modern use of untouchable as someone who is beyond reproach or invulnerable.  The people who could be touched were vulnerable … Continue reading

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Notorious– “Notorious” seems to be thrown in the title of Frasier’s narrative to attract readers. The seeds of the sensationalism of later works seem to be in place here. Although he seems to be a prolific thief, there is little … Continue reading

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