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ruthless – Frost’s second murder appears ruthless to the average reader and citizen of America, and many other countries as well.  Beating his master’s head in with a gardening hoe to the point where its contents were spilled out on … Continue reading

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oraganized – The criminals that Mountain was associated with wherever he went were always organized and maintained a level of professionalism that compared to the military’s.  Respect was a must and was valued above all else when Mountain went on … Continue reading

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elizabeth wilson

woman – In these time women were not received well and their testimony wasn’t worth much in court.  Even after Wilson attesting that her children were killed by her lover who did not have the strength to man up and … Continue reading

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rachel wall

crime – Here in Wall’s narrative crime carries two meanings.  The first is one that she mentions is the traditional form of crime that encompasses actions done that go contrary to the laws set up by a government.  The second … Continue reading

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thomas powers

deceit – having something or someone appear to be something that they are not.  this happened to Powers a lot in his narrative.  Many times after his escape he turned to familiar people to take him in and help him … Continue reading

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bloody register

conscience – the awareness of your actions and the consequences that should morally follow; Williams chose to suffer the punishment due to his crime even though the evidence was not strong enough to convict. list – throughout the entire register … Continue reading

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buchana, ross, brooks

deceit – To me it didn’t seem like these men were really guilty of anything except being deceived.  Mrs. Spooner from the moment she saw them conceived in her mind ways to have her husband killed.  Her refusal to have … Continue reading

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levi ames

list – The accounts of thefts appear to be a shopping list or something of that sort.  Here is a recollection of those tings that were stolen as if in order to get it all off of his chest.  regret … Continue reading

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unconcern – Throughout the narrative there was a non-chalant attitude and tone.  Frasier went about from town to town stealing and dealing with people in a way that often lead to his getting off without being punished.  It was this … Continue reading

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esther rodgers

Regret – This subject can be viewed at from two different perspectives.  The first is the regret that one feels after having committed a crime and accepted the reality that it has happened.  The second perspective is actually regretting the … Continue reading

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