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ritual – Monster describes the act of stripping inmates together in herds of 40 in order to search them for any contraband is nothing but a mind game that delineates the structure of subjugation the prisoners will endure while incarcerated.   … Continue reading

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vagabond – Mount like many of the criminals we have encountered during this class is a man that is constantly on the run. He never seems to stay in the same place, being tired of situations easily or needing to … Continue reading

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psychotic – Frost provides an incredible chilling narrative, he begins with the savage murder of his own father whom he attributed with responsibility for his mother’s death .  He details how he beats his father’s brains out as he does … Continue reading

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profession – Mountain, the son of a black woman and a mulatto father, claims to have always had a disposition towards being “susceptible of almost any impression”.  This means that he had a natural inclination towards a life of crime … Continue reading

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escape – “…but as Providence had ordered it, she did not go home that night, and so escaped the  snare I had laid for her.”  This quote is explaining a night in whichPowers had plotted to hide in the bushes, … Continue reading

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Public – At the outset of Wall’s narrative the writer of this narrative chose to speak to the people reading directly saying “…the ever curious Public…will be anxious to know…” This open address to the reader is a bit odd … Continue reading

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denial – The narrative of Elizabeth Wilson is noteworthy because of the fact that she never admits to commit infanticide. Instead she tells a story in which the illegitimate children are killed by their father after he had called her … Continue reading

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conspire – In this account of murder there is a large amount of build up to actual killing of Mr. Spooner.   But unlike many of the other narrative it does not serve to provide a backstory of criminal’s histpry but … Continue reading

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bloody register

friend – This term is used in the beginning of this serialized narrative to describe God.  This is included in a letter that was written to John Sullivan which urged to him to begin to build a relationship with the … Continue reading

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conscience – Ames seems to have a fairly distorted view of his own deeds at the outset of the narrative because he credits himself with having a conscience that keeps him from thieving during certain stages of his life. He … Continue reading

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