You can take it with you!

If anyone who has been utilizing the ELS Blogs and would like to take their work with them -it is as easy as 1-2 (no 3).

Here’s how:

  • Within the Manage tab in the backend there is a subtab titled export. Click on this subtab and you will get a screen that looks like the following
  • Next just click on the export button in the center of the Export subtab and all of you posts, pages, etc., will be downloaded to your desktop as an XML file. You can then take this file and import it to your own blog on or where ever you’d like.

Please note: If you have uploaded a number of images to your own blog, then you should contact me at If not, all of the links to online images, videos, etc. will remain in tact. Additionally, if you are graduating this semester and you don’t want to move your blog (and you intend to keep using it) please send me an e-mail saying as much.

Easy, right?

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