Widgets are now available on ELS Blogs

ELS Blogs is the blogging service that just keeps on giving! You all now have the options of widgetizing your sidebar -which basically means you can customize how your sidebar looks by adding “Widgets” with customized text, html code, flickr images, YouTube videos, del.icio.us bookmarks, etc. You can also list all the blogs in the ELS Blogs environment, including the most active blogs, the most recently updated blogs, and the most recent posts from around this network.

You can start using sidebar widgets by activating them in the plugins tab. Widgets are automatically enabled. You can view and manipulate these widgets within the “Presentation” tab –>under the “Sidebar Widgets” sub-tab.

Note: if you have a problem dragging the widgets around the screen press the “Shift”key  and the “Refresh” button on your browser simultaneously (a hard refresh) to reload the page.

As always, be careful out there and have fun!

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