Annotating online videos with Mojiti

Update: Mojiti is deader than a doornail. Long live Mojiti!

Mojiti is an online service that allows you to add comments within a video. You can then quickly and easily embed this video into your blog and open it up so others can also annotate it. More specifically, anyone who has a Mojiti account can add spots to a video that has been opened up to the larger community right within a blog post. And while you have to be logged on for Mojiti’s service to do this, they are so smart that they allow you to login right through the video on your blog -never having to leave the page. Here is an example.

So, there is really no more than three very simple steps to integrate Mojiti into your blog:
1) Sign-up for a Mojiti account,
2) Add a video and make it public,
and 3) embed the video on your class blog/site.

Here are some screen shots of the in-blog login and commentary possibilities:



Try it out, and let me know via the comments if you have any problems.

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